AeroSilver 3D Face Mask

Aerosilver 3D Virus Protection Mask and also known for its extreme advantages over the traditional masks. Not only do they act as a Coronavirus mask, but their super breathable nature makes the person wearing it feel comfortable and easy. This Washable Aerosilver 3D Face Mask can also be used as a Pollution mask that dries superfast after washing.

Aerosilver masks have a high-end filtration mechanism that blocks any virus reaching up to you. It created from a health care fiber. It enhance the endurance and performance of fighting with the germs that come’s with sweating and absorbed by the fiber’s outer layer. The silver component in the mask fiber beats all the odour-causing and other harmful germs instantly. Apart from this, there are arrays of benefits one could enjoy with these masks like:

Features of Aero Silver Mask

  • Strong Antimicrobial Effect
  • UV Protection
  • Easy To Wear and Breathe
  • Reusable & durable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fights many germs and bacteria.

The Aerosilver 3D Face Mask is a Unisex mask that is manufactured from the fibers infused with the zirconium silver compound. They serve as an antibacterial agent in this field. Thus keeping you away from all the infections that could cause harm. The material of the face mask is 93 % polyester and & 7% polyurethane that brings superior elasticity. For the requirement of Face Mask for Men, Face Mask for Women, or the Facenabal Mask, this mask is ideal for all that kills 99.9% of germs before reaching you.

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