Anti Microbial Tapes

Antimicrobial Adhesive Tape is ideal for high contact surfaces. It is created using the top quality material including Zinc Oxide. The strong antimicrobial activity of the tape beats the entry of bacteria and viruses that can cause harm in your daily life. It finds use in odor treatment created by the bacteria decomposing the biodegradable matter and creating a bad smell. It is very easy to install and comfortable to use in various places that won’t get damaged by water or chemicals used at home. Some of the key features of the antimicrobial Adhesive Tape are:

  • Structure of this tape consists of 4 layers that are Antimicrobial HC, PET, PSA adhesive, and a release liner of various thicknesses.  
  • The thickness of the tape is 75 micrometers and a haze of 30+5 % or 30-5%.
  • The transmittance of this adhesive tape is 87+2% or 87-2%.
  • It is safe to use and can maintain its antimicrobial properties even in conditions like water washing, alcohol washing, high temperature, detergent washing, and others.
  •  Once set open to the surroundings, it instantly starts killing the virus and bacteria.

Zinc Oxide (ZnO) is an inorganic compound of Oxygen & Zinc which is widely used in everyday consumption. Antimicrobial Adhesive Tape with ZnO coating is approved by FDA and EPA for its safety against humans and also to kill viruses and bacteria.

Antimicrobial Coated Film

Antimicrobial Coated Film is perfect to save yourself from virus and bacteria at high traffic points. This 2 Layer antimicrobial coated Film consists of 8-micrometer anti-microbial HC and 75 micrometers thick PET. The material consists of Zinc Oxide that is approved by the FDA of America and Korea for its use as a hygiene antibacterial material. One can utilise it both indoors and outdoors at any required places. You can replace the existing film after 90 days for excellent results.

  • The transmittance of this adhesive tape is 87+2% or 87-2% and a haze of 30+5 % or 30-5%.
  • Product size that comes in a roll is 340 mm * 10 m.
  • This causes no toxicity in any manner to the user.
  • Extraordinary coating technology utilized in each does not let the virus or bacteria pass through it.
  • Surface elasticity acts as a self-heal function in absorbing shock, scratch, or pressing.
  • It finds its application in Cosmetic, Food, Hygiene products, and others.
  • In daily life, one can use it over the lift buttons, smart devices with touch screens, door handles, and others.

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